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"HandZnFeet" bucket drumming ensemble featured in " Vogue magazine's " 2022 NYC fashion show in NYC with Serena Williams, Lil Nas X, Erica Badu and more.

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" The world is my drum "... That's how Jared Crawford aka " Chocjared " has described his life's mission, since he was just five years old. Choclattjared is a percussion prodigy who incessantly started playing drums at the tender age of three. By thirteen, Jared took his beats to the streets for the first time with fellow master bucket drummer and big brother Larry Wright, which from there he soon gained recognition as one of the world-renowned bucket drummers of the New York City streets and subway stations. By twenty Choclattjared co-starred, created and choreographed all of the on stage industrial percussion in the four-time Tony Award winning musical, "Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk” starring "Savion Glover". Choclattjared drumming credits also includes the five-time Grammy Award winning album " The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill ” 1999. His latest features and bucket drumming scores includes. Movie " Blue's Big Adventure's " also tv commercials and ads for Pandora Jewelry 2022, Lee jean's 2023, Puma 2023, Lul...

Musician Entertainer - World-renowned Bucket Drummer - Percussionist -  Composer


Experience the electrifying rhythms of Choclattjared's bucket drumming services! From captivating commercials to dynamic live performances, private events, engaging workshops and more.


Choclattjared featured in the new FOX NFL SPORTS commercial. 11/23

Blue's Big Adventure's

Choclattjared featured in the new "Blue's Big Adventures" movie released 11/22.

Lee's Jeans SS 23

Choclattjared teamed up with Lee jeans for their new Lee jeans SS 23 ad " ME x LEE " released 2/25/23.



Choclattjared featured in the new 2023  NY PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL commercial.

Puma Sports 

Keith Haring x Pandora collaboration

Check out Choclattjared featured in the new Pandora Jewelry commercial ad 2022.



Stay tuned for Choclattjared and Peter Rabbit featured in the new 2023 DKNY commercial/ad.

Check out Choclattjared featured in the new Puma Sports commercial ad 2023.

Keith Haring x Pandora collaboration

" Life Is Art, Everything we do is art. Our clothes, our fashion." @choclattjared for Keith Haring x Pandora collaboration. 

Nickelodeon Buckets music Ep.1

Choclattjared teams up with Nickelodeon on 3 episode mini series entitled "Buckets Music"


Looking for groovy beats and a lively atmosphere at your events? Hire Choclattjared, the bucket drummer extraordinaire, along with his talented roster of DJ's! Get ready to party like never before!

TEDx New York

Chocjared featured on Tedx New York ( Ted talks )

The Light Box

Choclattjared and Dj getting the party live at the Light Box in New York City.

Chinese Tuxedo NYC

Choclattjared and Dj getting the party live at the Chinese Tuxedo in china town, New York City.

Jamesen Whiskey x Chocjared .jpg

Jameson “Distillery On Tour”

Choclattjared collaboration performance at the "Jameson Distillery On Tour” event at the vessel NYC. 


Curated by Choclattjared, "HandzNfeet" is an energetic and captivating ensemble of bucket drummers featuring street dancers, acrobats, Dj's and tap dancers and more. Our high energy street performance style show leaves audiences on the edge of their seats. With an emphasis on audience participation, "HandzNfeet" is the perfect entertainment for festivals, corporate events, schools, community gatherings and more. Our team is professional, reliable, and dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for all, children and adults. Book "HandzNfeer" today and get ready to be blown away by the electrifying bucket drumming beats and contagious high energy experience.

HandzNfeet -

Buzz Feed

HandZnFeet featured in Buzz feed event in New York City

HandzNfeet ensemble

The Gramercy Theatre

HandzNFeet created by Choclattjared and choreography by Ew doctor featured in the Love is Love benefit concert.


The art of bucket drumming has a rich history of being used as a folk instrument. Remember, folk means of the people", in street performances and as performance art pieces. Bucket drumming is an inexpensive opportunity for males & females of all ages, beginner or advanced to develop and enhance rhythmic skills, tone muscles and burn calories all at once. It is also a great way to introduce and prepare the novice bucket drummer for the world of traditional drum lessons.

The Virgin Hotel NYC

Chocjared iBucket drum workshop at the virgin Hotel NYC

Certified Vendor by the New York State Board of Education. iBucketdrum music and arts program primary focus is teaching bucket drumming and rhythmic expression. We provide group packages and private lessons for Schools, corporate events, parties etc. All ages male, female, beginner or advanced are all welcome. For donations and introductory specials, click logo button below and let us know your request.

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