" 'Choclattjared is a joy to watch.....with prodigious drumming talent's and an achingly lovely falsetto! "
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Check out some of Choclattjared's bucket drumming performances. Television, film and commercial features. Also bucket drumming music scores. Behind the scenes footage and more.

Choclattjared EPK 

Check out Chocjared Electronic Press Kit 1995 - 2016. NEW EPK COMING SOON

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Chocjared featured in "Blues Clues Movie. Coming soon In theaters 2022.

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Choclattjared featured in new "Svedka" vodka commercial. Airing 2022.

Choclattjared Tedx

TEDx New York 

Choclattjared feature guest on Ted Talk New York 

HandzNfeet ensemble

The Gramercy Theatre

HandzNFeet created by Choclattjared and choreography by Ew doctor featured in the Love is Love benefit concert.


New York Hilton Hotel

Choclattjared behind the scenes footage at soundcheck before performance at the New York Hilton Hotel NYC.


Brick House NYC

Choclattjared Bucket drumming  choreographer Ew Doctor master class at Brick House NYC dance studio 2021. 

HandzNfeet ensemble curated by choclattjared


An amazing ensemble of Bucket Drummers, Break Dancers, Acrobats and Musicians curated by Choclattjared.



Choclattjared behind the scenes onset filming Episode 3 of "Buckets Music" aired on Nickelodeon. 2018

Choclattjared Howard theatre DC performance

Howard Theatre 

Chocjared featured in the Syncopated Ladies live in concert at the Howard theatre in Washington DC.


Cedar Hill country club

Choclattjared at CEDAR HILL COUNTRY CLUB for B'nai MITZVAH 2021.

HandzNfeet ensemble curated by choclattjared

TAO Downtown

HandzNfeet featured guest performance at TAO downtown NYC.

HandzNfeet ensemble curated by choclattjared

OATH Launch party

Choclattjared's HandzNfeet featured guest performance for OATH: Launch party

HandzNfeet ensemble curated by choclattjared


Chocjared and cast memeber's of "Stomp" featured in the ESPNW NYC Summit.

Choclattjared x Dereck Haugh Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall

Chocjared featured in The Spring Spectacular starring Dereck Haugh and The Rockettes.

The Lion King B'way F/ Choclattjared

Choclattjared feature guest performance at The Lion King on Broadway, charity event.

Chocjared performance at Microsoft

Microsoft launch event

Chocjared surprise guest performance for Microsoft's new software launch event.

Choclattjared performance at Rockefeller Center NYC

Rockefeller Center

Choclattjared feature guest performance at Rockefeller Center NYC.

HandzNfeet ensemble curated by choclattjared

Choclattjared's HandZNFeet special guest performs at the Metlife event at the New York Marriott Marquis behind the scenes.


JET BLUE airlines

JetBlue Airlines appreciation to our front line featuring Bucket drumming music score by Choclattjared 2020. 

choclattjared WWE Summer Slam

WWE Summer Slam

Choclattjared composes Bucket drumming scores and featured in WWE summer slam kick off /commercial 2018.

Choclattjared New York City Marathon filming 

New York Marathon 

Chocjared Featured in and Music scores 2018 New York City Marathon commercial.


New York Knicks

Choclattjared feat. in The New York Knicks season game opener/ commercial 2021

Choclattjared Breaking Brooklyn (film)

Breaking Brooklyn 

Chocjared guest appears in feature film "Breaking Brooklyn" in theaters 2019.

Choclattjared Hp commercial

HQ inc.

Choclattjared/HandzNFeet featured in the

new Hp inc. international commercial directed by Olivia Wilde 2020.

Choclattjared NY1 Spectrum news team

NY1 Spectrum News 

Chocjared featured in the 2017 NY1 Spectrum news commercial.

Choclattjared f/ Genesis suv commercial

Genesis Gv80 suv

Chocjared composed and featured in the Genesis' GV80 concept SUV commercial 2017.

Nickelodeon Buckets music Ep.1

Choclattjared teams up with Nickelodeon on 3 episode mini series entitled "Buckets Music"

Nickelodeon Buckets music Ep.1

Choclattjared WWE studios

WWE Summer Slam 

Chocjlattjared in session with composer, producer and director of WWE inc. Jim Johnson for new WWE project coming soon 2018.

Choclattjared scoring feature film "MAD"

MAD (film)

Choclattjared behind the scenes recording Bucket drumming scorings for new feature film entitled " MAD"  with director/Filmmaker from india Romeo D'Costa.

Choclattjared scoring for film "Merge".

MERGE (feature film)

Choclattjared recording Bucketdrums for scoring in up and coming new film entitled "Merge" directed by Gregory Horoupian. In movie  theaters  2018.

Screenshot_20210928-193539_Instagram_edited.jpg - Notorious B.I.G 

Choclattjared behind the scenes for for tribute to rapper Biggie Smalls directed by @Newyorknico 2020.

Choclattjared LG Phone commercial

LG Phone 

Chocjared stars in new LG phone commercial.

Choclattjared Maybelline Makeup

Maybelline Push Makeup

Chocjared featured in Maybelline Push Makeup commercial starring super model Gigi Hadid 2016.

Choclattjared x The Unknown tour

The Unknown Tour 

Chocjared EmergencyBan featured interview in The Unknown tour season 1 episode 9



ABC studios ( Throwback )

"Keep Bangin" off broadway musical

created by Choclattjared featuring Larry Wright. Directed by Savion Glover. Featured performance on the ABC Millennium ball dropping in times square,1999.


Conspiracy Theory

Chocjared featured in the movie "Conspiracy Theory" starring Mel Gibson 1997. 


Chocjared and band live performance NYC

Forest Whitaker's "Performance for Peace"

Check out Choclattjared and his band's feature performance at the Forest Whitaker's "Performance for Peace" benefit concert in New York City.